Women’s Coaching Appointment

Firstly, we would like to thank Maddy Boyd for guiding the team through their first ever State 4 foray last year. Unfortunately her commitments have not allowed her to continue the role in 2020. We also lost our assistant “The Asian Sensation” to a severely torn muscle. We hope to welcome him back to the club when he recovers.

On a brighter note, this has left the door open for one of our club stalwarts to volunteer his time for the role.

It is only a certain type of person that can pull-off three initials. JFK, KD Lang, the TMT dynasty, WTF and of course – Dalton Thomas-Stanes. You may have already seen him working with the girls during the week. When I tried to think of some words to describe this man; consistency, commitment and reliability came to mind. I am certain he will be a great mentor for our young women’s team.

I thought it was his first coaching role, but then I remembered this FB photo.

I assume he is coaching this team. I remember it because we wanted to call our kid Noah then I saw this team of Noahs and crossed it off the list. It wouldn’t have suited our little girl anyway.

It seems he had a lot of good feedback coaching the Noahs, and I am sure the Somerville women will find him equally valuable. Billy Rae has offered his experience to support the training program, and the club will provide match-day assistance when possible.

We have been running a campaign recently to recruit more women which has given us a lift in numbers. The girls continue to be an important part of our club, and we need to support them as much as possible. Good luck this year weagles, we look forward to the all-day Sunday sessions at Tyabb.

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