We have tickets

I hope you all have these dates in your calendar already – the reverse raffle and presentation night. August 10 and September 21 respectively. The ever reliable Chloe Swannell has been busy behind the scenes making sure we can just rock up and have a good time. We have made the tickets available through the website, so show your support and get in and buy them.

The Reverse Raffle is on August 10 at The Presidential Palace in Somerville. As a special online offer, if you purchase three tickets, the fourth is free. We will issue your tickets on the night. For those of you not in the know, we will draw tickets throughout the night and eliminate contenders one-by-one. The last remaining ticket wins $500. Unless of course it is Lunty, he would have to be a drug cheat to win twice.

The Presentation night is on September 21 at Functions by the Bay (fancy name for Frankston Footy Club which is actually a great venue). This promises to be a cracker. Tickets are $60 including a quality meal and you get to dress up, preferably not in a onesie (unless you have a Dolce and Gabana onesie as pictured).

It is worth noting that the Junior presentation night is on September 14 at Inflatable World. It costs $10 with pizza and can also be purchased through the website. You don’t have to be a junior, but don’t just go there and eat all the kids pizza.

Unfortunately we have had to disable PayPal as they tried to do a George Columbaris and make an extra $7.8m from our website. Cash payments are also not available for online tickets. Credit card or bank transfer is the way to go.

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