Time to Register

With our pre-season well underway and cricket dragging on too long, it is time to get your money in.

The good news is, nothing has changed from last year. Just create a login for the website if you haven’t already, then purchase the registration from the shop.

Mens rego is going for the discount price of $350 if fully paid by March 21. $400 after that date.

Womens rego is going for the hot price of $200 but will also jump to $250 after March 21.

Don’t wait until March 21 though, do it tomorrow. Con won’t buy our gear until we get money in the bank, he really is a tight-ass treasurer.

The FFV in their infinite wisdom have imposed a “facilities levy” on each player so they can provide facilities to clubs that need them. The irony. We are NOT passing this cost on to you because we love you all, but it will impact our bottom line by around $1500. I feel ¬†passionately that clubs without facilities should be exempt from a levy to provide facilities to others, so please join my cause and provide FV with some constructive feedback at feedback@footballvictoria.com.au¬†(I am looking at you Mick Clark). Perhaps they will buckle under the weight of emails if we all send one every week, like Shawshank Redemption.

I will be updating the shop with new merch soon. Including hoodies. HOODIES.



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