The merch has landed!

Somewhere, a long way from Wuhan, a factory fired up and pumped out our new line of ESA merchandise. We bought a 737 from Richard Branson with the money from family day and filled the tank for $3 in Tyabb. Craig decked it out in Somerville colours and had it fitted with showers. Before you know it, voila! Here it is.

It is a veritable smorgasbord of colour. Mysterious black hoodies with yellow highlights, glowing golden beanies and silky grey training kits. For our post corona kick-off, we have new royally royal blue home kits and tantalising purple away kits. In addition, we have plenty of old-school scarves and a few jackets and puffy vests.

The photos are not ready yet due to bad light. However I will be running deliveries over the next two days. If you have paid for your order, check your email and let me know if you will be home to receive goods. I am going to do it in a sensible non-contact way, so let me know where it is safe to leave and if you will be home.

If you are feeling cold, now is a good time to get a fresh order in on the website. The hoodies are warm.

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