Womens Team

Bayside Womens Premier League

The Somerville Eagles Womens Team really are everything that embodies this club to date. Unlike the men – who partially migrated from another club – the girls started with an entire team of brand new players and first time coach. Many of these girls had never kicked a ball! Despite this, they managed to field a team every single week. And for all that hard work, they started playing some really great soccer and kept the momentum into season 2.

It wasn’t until round 2 in 2018 that the girls finally had their first breakthrough win. And wow, did they celebrate. No-one at the club has worked harder for a win than our female eagles. More importantly, they set the tone for the rest of the season with sensational teamwork and new found confidence. These young ladies have a very bright future.

Fast forward to 2019, and things are really looking up. They welcome to their ranks, Maddy Boyd. Not only is she a great playing talent, but also one of the first female coaches in the Premier League. Finally the girls have a coach to call their own. Maybe soon a shiny piece of silverware to call their own…


Twice a week

  • Monday at Tyabb18:30
  • Wednesday at Somerville18:30


  • Sunday kick-off 11:00 — 15:00