New Winter Jackets

Hi eagles and eaglets,

Welcome back to the nest for 2021. What a roller-coaster. It almost seems a distant memory – it’s a flu, a cold, a pandemic, under control, out of control, masks, hydroxychloroquine, lockdown, Trump, toilet paper, border closures, NZ bubble, nebulisers and of course vaccines. I have deleted 2020 from my calendar and am just going to pretend it never happened. I wish FFV would do the same.

Because we are down on funds, we are asking for some merchandise pre-orders. Word on the street says our members want quality puffer jackets for the depths of Winter. However, our treasurer “we can’t afford it” Con, says word on the street is not the same as money in the bank. We keep arguing that he is tight as a sumo in spandex and merch as awesome and it is not all about money. But then these jackets are premium, so he probably has a point.

So, FOR 7 DAYS ONLY, we are taking orders for the jackets at a price of $125. It is pretty much cost, so they will sell for $150 after that. We can’t afford to hold much stock, so if you want one, order now.

Link to the shop here: ESA Winter Jacket

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