New Gear!

We have decided to rejuvenate our merchandise line and are happy to present our first offerings. We don’t have real life images yet, but the samples look great.

It has been said that the first ever hoodie was designed right here in Somerville*. Whether or not this is true, they are still widely used in local car thefts, robberies and graffiti. So if you have ever dreamt of becoming famous on the Community Facebook Page, you could try stopping to give-way at the end of Coolart Road, or inappropriate use of indicators at the double round-a-bout, or you could just be seen in one of these banging hoodies. I prefer the hoodie option.

Second cab off the rank is a full blown training kit to go with our sexy new change-rooms. Draped in a sensuous grey with royal blue highlights, you could be forgiven for wearing this on a first date. Although probably not by the date. We are not making money on these, we just want you all to look good. Kev’s tank-tops are really off-putting when I am trying to train. Full-kit heroes.

Available now in the shop. $60 per hoodie, $55 per full kit, sale price. Limited stock. Please note, the stock is yet to arrive on our shores and may be delayed by the recent virus issues. We anticipate arrival by Round 1.



* I said it. No-one else.

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