Mask Merch

I know we have been quiet for a while. Licking our wounds.

But in case you haven’t heard, I will update you – they have started rolling out 5G which has given everyone a virus and Bill Gates is developing a vaccine.  It will contain a microchip that allows control over you via the 5G radiation soup. In the meantime, if Dan the Man had staffed Hotel Quarantine with the lovely security guard from Vesbar, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Karen infected the entire Tan because she had walked every street in Brighton which sent us into lockdown level seventeen. Hydroxychloroquine – which has always been a shit drug –  is now safer than houses and Russia now have a cure. I definitely won’t be Putin that in my arm.

Oh, and you get a $200 fine for flashing your face in public. Which brings me to my only worthwhile point. You need a mask. One for the car, one for the handbag, one in every jacket pocket, one in the pram, one to send to your friends in New Zealand and one in case you lose the other five. So we made some.

They are silky and comfy. They stop COVID like a shot of bleach in the arm and they have an attractive logo on the cheek. They are also cheap at $10. One size, fits well and is gentle on the ears. I have included a mug shot. They are up for purchase on the website now.

Link is here –  click to buy a mask – but there are just a few things to be aware of. I will deliver free of charge in Somerville, Frankston or Tyabb as it is within my allowed travel. I have included a shipping option for $5 if you are outside these areas, then I will post it. We may be able to sort something out if you are very close to a 5km radius. If you have credit and want to use it – please just send me an email here – – I have reimbursed the 2020 fees so just send me an email with you details and I will deduct the masks from your credit.

Show your support, on your face. Go Eagles.


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