COVID-19 Update

Hi all,

We hope you are all looking after each other during this pandemic catastrophe. Although no soccer is being played (except in Belarus), we are still here as a community club for anyone that needs support. We figure it is time to update you all on the current situation.

The guidance from FFA is that football activities have been suspended until 31 May, 2020. They are working through a range of scenarios to ensure that football is played again this season. Here is a link to the FFA’s FAQ page if you have any questions about the details.We personally do not see a way for this season to go ahead, but ultimately, that decision lies with FFA.

That unfortunately places us in a precarious financial position. FV still expect us to continue paying our club fees as they are planning to proceed. In addition, we have already invested heavily in preparation for this postponed season with merchandise, playing kits, equipment and ground fees.

Many of you have already stumped-up registration this year, and we appreciate the timely manner in which you paid. We have decided as a committee that despite FFA’s holding pattern, we will provide all fee-paying members a full credit that can be used to cover next season. You will see these in the form of a voucher sent via email. Please ensure you periodically check your junk mail boxes over the next two weeks.

For those of you that purchased merchandise, we expect delivery in the next few weeks. We will do our best to personally deliver these items (contact free of course) to local members. We will have more information regarding this soon.

We understand that these measures do not help those that find themselves in financial hardship during this difficult time. Please understand that you are important to our club, and we as a committee are looking into how we can best support you. We will review your individual case if you contact our President Luke or Vice-President Craig (click on the links to send an email).

We apologise if things are not progressing as fast as you like, but please be patient. We expect this to be a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we will be playing soccer again. We will also be having one mega-party in our new digs when this is all over. Besides, if the season is called off, that makes us back-to-back champions right?

Best Regards,

The Committee.

Somerville Eagles Soccer Club.

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