Christmas BBQ from above

One of the great things about being involved in a new club is seeing how each new member brings their own set of talents and literally builds the club. The inaugural Christmas BBQ had these skills on display and the future of our club looks bright with the kids that came along. Watching the kids line up to get dunked rather than throw balls at their coaches was particularly amusing.

I will be heaping praise on Craig “The Man” Bozelle all year for the mountain of effort he puts in to the club and he did not let us down with his organisation this weekend. But I would also like to welcome Paul Robinson to the team. Below is an example of some of the photos taken from his drone this weekend. It really does provide an amazing perspective. I am really looking forward to posting more of these images in 2019 on the new SESC website. More news on that in the coming days. 

President Santa.
It seems we are wearing out the grass.
I’m glad this wasn’t taken 5 seconds later. Hi Maddy.

Merry Christmas!

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