2019 Online Registration

As our club grows and becomes more successful, we also need to collect more funds to get teams on the pitch. At the moment sponsorship dollars from BEL and Fix My Stuff are keeping the club afloat, so we need early registration fees to ensure we are not wearing stinky bibs for our first match.

In 2019 all registration payments will be done through the new website. Even if you pay cash, we will require you to purchase it through the online shop. I have tried to make it easy as possible, but I am a web design novice so please don’t get upset if there are some minor hiccups.

You can just go to the shop via the top menu and wing it, which I recommend. There is also a link to the store on the facebook page. But for the technologically challenged, here is a walkthrough.

Step 1 – Register to the website. This can be done by scrolling to the bottom of any page. You will also be directed to this if you make a purchase anyway. We are just collecting phone numbers and email addresses. You will need a strong password. There is an additional registration for juniors, see step 1b.

Step 2 – choose a registration option from the shop. There are 6 types; mens, womens, juniors, girls, subbies and social. They are all good, you won’t regret it. Add one to your cart and checkout.

Step 3 – Show us the money! Bank transfer and cash cost us nothing, however it is very important that you use your order number to identify all payments. Once you checkout, you will get an order number beginning with #SHOP and it is important to make the payment promptly. Only VP Craig and treasurer Con will be accepting cash.

PayPal and credit card are easy but cost us 2.7% and 2.1% respectively. Unfortunately we can’t afford to absorb the fees, but the option is there.

Step 1b for juniors only. If you sign up as a junior parent, you will be redirected automatically to the junior registration page. Otherwise the link can be found under the “join” menu option or on the footer. It is a two page form with additional information we need to collect for the kids. This was a particularly complex form to develop, so please let me know if there are any issues.

Remember, there are early bird specials and discounts for those that get in before the cut-off. But if you have the means, it would be a real sign of respect to get your payments in now.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the process or if anything goes wrong, email me at info@sesc.com.au

Regards, Sam Dortmans.

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